PAX Prime 2014 – Submit Your Questions for Heroes of the Storm Interview

Blizzard Entertainment plans to showcase Heroes of the Storm at PAX PRIME in a few days. That build attendees will have the opportunity to play at the demo stations has Azmodan, Chen and Anub’arak as playable heroes.

Blizzplanet’s PAX PRIME correspondent will be there to interview Dustin Browder and Phil Gonzales — developers of Heroes of the Storm. We welcome our visitors and members of the community to submit questions for this interview. Fill the form below.

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These are the questions submitted by the community. We’ll have the hard task of picking the best 12 — considering past interviews have lasted between 8-30 minutes. We’ll see how many end up answered. Stay tuned.

What are anub’arak’s strengths and weaknesses?

It is crystal-clear how Chen and Azmodan are meant to be played, but Anub’arak is a real question mark. What makes Anub’arak different than other warriors playstyle-wise?

Do you have an approximate ETA for the patch release with Chen, Azmodan & Anub’arak?

What do they think about competitive teams at the current state?

Any other planned game modes other than the proposed Draft Team Competition?

How many Heroes and Maps are in production right now, and have you figured an ideal number for launch?

Are there plans for Blizzard Themed maps such as Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, ect, or Thoughts on Map skins. Example: Blackheart’s Bay with a Diablo Touch.

How many Heroes would you like to have ready for Live?

Will there be more variations of Mercenary Camps then the 3 we already have?

Does Chen’s ult let you micromanage the pandas?

Will there be modding tools and if so will there be supporting uneven teams like an team of three powerful heroes versus seven weak ones? And will there be room for more than 16 players per match or is it limited similiar to Starcraft 2?

Is there an schedualed point for if/when you consider adding more talents per tier for heroes? When youve created X amout of heroes or a point in developement when certain features has been added or tested?

Will you be following Starcraft 2 or World of Warcrafts map pool? Adding more maps while keeping the rest or replacing existing ones and keep seven or eight maps active at any given time?

Will there be any crossover promotion between your other games to Heroes of the Storm, like owning World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria and gain some iconic characters from that point like Chen Stormstout and Lili Stormstout or default Diablo 3 for Barbarian and Witch Doctor?

What is planned in terms of project lifecycle for HoTs? Is “Tech Alpha” a new name for Closed Beta, or will we see Alpha > Closed Beta > Open Beta > Release? And will you comment on the goals of each stage of the lifecycle? the open beta progression in hearthstone carried over to live, can we expect that as well?

Can we expect to see maps that feature game modes similar to those seen in WoW Battlegrounds? Such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Holding an item to gain power over time (Dropped if slain), etc…

How do you feel the game ought to be balanced between the three main franchises?

At present, the game is skewed in favor of Warcraft Heroes – is this intentional, or merely an effect of Alpha development? (ie Will we see more balance when the game goes live?)

How many hero concepts is the team considering/working on at any given time?

Based on the heroes released so far, what’s the average number of man hours needed to make a hero?

What’s been your logic for Hero pricing, both gold and real money?

When will they release the patch for Chen, Azmodan & Anub’arak?

Will we be able to micro Summons/Chen split up heroic?

Are there any plans for a Starcraft Warrior Hero?

Is Blizzard happy with the current rate of gold gain?

Can we see Dustin Browder on Town Hall Heroes or Clairvoyance?

Does Blizzard feel the talent system is nearly complete or are they still going to be adding to it or changing it, and are they still planning to implement a second customization system (such as artifacts, but please not artifacts) in game?

Will we see heroes like Alexstrasza, Aviana, or Genn greymane?

Is there any chance of a singleplayer mode, perhaps something akin to the Horde campaign in ‘The Frozen Throne’?

-What is the likelihood of Lost Vikings/Blackthorne/Rock n’ Roll Racing heroes?

-What is the likelihood of original heroes being implemented, taken from the Nexus itself?

-How much similarity/difference to Anub’arak and Chen bear to their ‘Warcraft III’ counterparts in terms of gameplay?


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