Probius enters the Nexus

The Curious Probe

Who is Probius: Probius is a special probe who was first featured in the Legacy of the Void opening cinematic. He was responsible for assisting in the retaking of the Protoss homeworld of Aiur. The pylon Probius summoned was instrumental to their efforts and resulted in a last minute warping in of reinforcements. As the old saying goes, big things come in small packages.

Why should I care: Probius is an interesting addition to the Nexus because he’s a mix of a few different heroes. He’s capable of delivering a large burst of damage akin to Chromie through the combination of Warp Rift and Disruption Pulse. He has considerable lane sustain as long as he is within range of a pylon. As long as he’s conscious of his health he can stay sustain a lane as long as Gul’dan. He can effectively zone the enemy team, much like Gazlowe, through the use of a Null Gate, Photon Cannon or by laying down Warp Rifts which could potentially give your team the edge on a map like Infernal Shrines.

“Beep boop, you’re dead.”

But is Probius for me: Well, I can certainly say he wasn’t for me. Part of the problem with Probius, as far as I can tell, is that he’s not necessarily rewarded for his set up which is the core mechanic to his kit. It’s easy for the enemy team to just avoid his tricks and if they’re smart or you’re careless with your pylon placement – and your pylon is destroyed – you’re effectively placed on time out as your abilities cost too much mana to be spammed and your cooldowns are very high. If you’re at a low level of play, Probius might be a solid pub stomper, as he’s reliant on the enemy team “standing in the bad”, which they will likely do. However, if this isn’t their first time seeing what you do, they will probably avoid it. Or worse, if they are a high mobility assassin they will likely just charge you and kill you. Your best bet, from what I have experienced, would be to push as far as the enemy team will let you get away with, and then simply retreat. If you lose too much health you will lose your lane. And unfortunately for Probius, he doesn’t have much to spare.

For now, I would say this hero is a pass. He will likely be tuned in the comings week, and if they knee jerk buff him enough he may become a hotly contested pick. But in the mean time his cannons are a dud, and his combo is too easily avoided. I would steer clear of Probius unless you simply want some Quick Match fun. At least he’s cute.

Until next time, the Nexus calls.

Josh Bothwell

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