PTR 38.0: Kerrigan and Brightwing Talent Rework

The Heroes of the Storm: Fall of King’s Crest (Patch 38.0) is now on the PTR servers. Kerrigan and Brightwing now have talent reworks. Some of them are brand-new. Their level 20 Heroic Abilities have been changed too. You can check their new talents changes by following these links: Kerrigan and Brightwing.

The Gardens of Terror map rework is also available in the PTR. The videos below take place in the new Gardens of Terror. Let me tell you… forget what you knew about the map the past 2-3 years. It has been changed completely.

When the seeds spawn, there is no longer a Terror boss on the north and south of the map. As a matter of fact, there is no longer two spots to secure simultaneously.

Instead, there is only one spot that spawns in only one of four random locations. Think of Gardens of Terror now as a combination between Cursed Hollow and Alterac Pass. Once the sole tribute spot is dominated by either team, vines dig their way to each of the three lanes and three Terror bosses spawn in the same fashion as Alterac Pass.

Below you can watch a video per hero, playing against the AI (due to long queue time).

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