PTR Review – Kharazim Gameplay and Infernal Shrines

I have been fooling around with the new Kharazim monk hero in the Heroes of the Storm PTR. Mostly using the transcendence trait which makes him a proper healing support character. Let’s take a quick look at my Kharazim Gameplay and Infernal Shrines battleground review.

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Kharazim Review

He feels good as a healer, keeping the team strong in objective defense situations, and if you are careful not to overdo or put yourself in risky situations you have a lot of survivability. Kharazim can soak a lot of damage including Nazeebo’s zombie wall and Kael’thas’ phoenix with no sweat. The only thing I noticed that burns him fast is Kael’thas’ Living Bomb and soloing against Kerrigan is a no-no.

For example, at mid-to-end game you can take a lot of damage from towers. Doesn’t seem too good in the lane farming department for a lack of AOE. Kinda slow there, but destroying towers he’s a beast and being able to soak damage means your team can focus fire on the towers or buildings. Kharazim can also solo mercenary camps.

His hero talent Seven-sided Strike is very good for Objective defense, but also when you are attacking buildings and one or more enemy players try to attack you from behind the wall. Hit Seven-sided Strike and if the enemy player is within range, you will attack them on the other side of the wall. Your character is invulnerable when this hero talent is active, and you respawn where you first triggered the talent, so no worries about spawning on the other side of the wall.

I really recommend watching the videos at the bottom of this article to get a grasp on Kharazim’s abilities and talents.


Infernal Shrines Battleground

The Infernal Shrines battleground is the newest Diablo III-themed map addition to Heroes of the Storm: Eternal Conflict. It is as big as Battlefield of Eternity and it has three shrines distributed at the center of the map from top to bottom.

Only one shrine is active at a given time. You must look at your mini-map to see the countddown timer which informs you when the shrine will become active. Once it is active, waves of minions spawn around the shrine. The goal is to kill 30 of those minions and contest the shrine. If your team completed the 30 minions, a portal opens and a Punisher spawns.

A twist to this battleground mechanic is that one of three different Punishers might spawn: Mortar, Frozen or Arcane Punisher — all with some of the known Diablo III elite affixes. Another interesting mechanic is that these Punishers focus on attacking heroes as a priority, and if no one is around it will attack buildings. These Punishers completely changes the game dynamic forcing you to flee or to move around dodging mortar, frozen or arcane attacks while attempting to kill him or to attack enemy players. Hope the developers make new battlegrounds as fun and creative as this one.


Gameplay Videos


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