[Rumor] New Heroe Teaser: Mephisto Leaked?

This evening, I launched the Battle.net Launcher to finish my daily quest. A new hero teaser image appeared in the Launcher.


I immediately checked the Blizzplanet staff channel, and our long-time GamesCom correspondent Handclaw had posted an image of the Tweet Blizzard EU shared in the @BlizzHeroesDE channel. His message was posted at 7:05pm EST, and I know for certain that teaser wasn’t around in the morning.

The image was posted by fan @Rockyd900. At first, I thought it was a photoshop prank. But another fan, @OysterPrime, claims to have seen the same thing.

A third fan, @MarcMillan1, posted this. The 3D art was made by a norwegian artist (Svein Yngve Sandvik Antonsen) not related to Blizzard, but you can see from this image what the teaser is attempting to draw… a pentagram — which seems the spell signature of Mephisto when channeling.


To make the story short, the post was deleted by @BlizzHeroesDE by the time I checked Handclaw’s claim. What you don’t know is what I saw in the screenshot.

He had held his mouse button to choose “Inspect Element”. Lo and behold… the image posted by Blizzard EU had this HTML code: alt="teaser for Mephisto"


At face value, I can’t confirm this to be true without have seen it by myself. I can click Inspect Element and type in inside the image alt value, then take a screenshot without faking it in Photoshop. (i.e. I inserted “Blizzplanet going to GamesCom” in the IMAGE ALT and took a screenshot. Easy to fake.)


So I will tag this as a [Rumor] for now. However, the second fan (@OysterPrime) did confirm he had seen it too. Maybe it is true.

Looks like GamesCom 2018 is going to be heavily Diablo-theme packed with surprises.

Handclaw will be taking photos and video at GamesCom, as well as be able to interview Blizzard developers. Follow us on Twitter @Blizzplanetcom or Facebook for updates.

UPDATE (Sun, Aug 19): A second image teaser was posted. It might be possible we will find out who the hero is by Monday, considering this one was posted on a Sunday. In this image, now we can see the background. There are a few small torches on the wall. What catches my attention is the grittiness teal cues seen in Diablo III’s Cathedral. The chains and the melting-ice-like vapors, however, are kinda misleading. Reminds me of Icecrown. I’ll stick with this being Mephisto, for now.


Update: In Photoshop, I altered the image teaser by desaturating the colors, contrasting the white and blacks. Then rotated the image so that the half-moon at the top is pointing to the bottom-right. Then superimposed the image teaser on top of the Hellforge seen in the Diablo II’s Terror’s End cinematic. There are only 3 shapes in the Heroes of the Storm image teaser that resemble the shape of the Hellforge: the half-moon, the triangle (in the center), and the circle shape. The Hellforge is where Tyrael asked Marius to take Mephisto’s soulstone to destroy it upon the Anvil of Annihilation.


UPDATE: On Sunday, a third image teaser appeared on the Battle.net Launcher. This time it shows the same image, but with a subtle silhouette shadow. The silhouette shows two horns, and you can see through at the chest area which suggests ribs. More and more it resembles Mephisto.

The most recent depiction of Mephisto was illustrated in the Diablo III: Book of Cain.


Another clue has been identified from the original image teaser. The Ort Rune and the Thul Rune. The Ort Rune has a chance to drop at the Hellforge.

As you can see in the official Diablo II website:

Ort = Lightning Resist
Thul = Cold Resist

In the Mephisto page at the official Diablo II website it says: “Cold and Lightning Resistance helps a lot against Mephisto.”

A Rune Word that uses both Ort + Thul? Spirit Rune Word (Tal + Thul + Ort + Amn). That also gives Poison Resist to Weapons or Shields. Mephisto also has a Poison Nova.

Mephisto uses the following Skills: Lightning, Charged Bolt, Poison Nova, “Skull” Missile, Frost Nova, and Blizzard.


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