Speculation: New Hero from Scarlet Monastery?

Blizzard Entertainment has posted two image teasers the past few days. The first one was a ornated door that some people thought might be a sign of Arcturus Mengsk or Valerian. Others thought it was Imperius-style.

The second image now shows the doors are open, and shows a hall with a red rug (with golden borders). The rear is blurry, but might suggest a throne.

The pillars and some details are wrong, but there is something that has been seen before. The shape of the door frame.


The red rug (with golden borders). Hmm… Could it be?

If that’s the case, and this is about a new Hero, then I can think of two potential candidates. Pretty sure everyone will get excited with option 1. High Inquisitor Whitemane. In World of Warcraft, these are High Inquisitor Whitemane’s abilities:

  • Deep Sleep: If as a Basic Ability, this effect resembles Ana’s sleeping dart, except cast as a spell. However, in the dungeon she sleeps the entire group so it is likely to become a Ultimate where she sleeps everyone in a set area-of-effect, unless it becomes a unlimited range ultimate like Diablo’s where it affects everyone anywhere in the map. It’s gonna be interesting how Blizzard designs this. It also shares similar effect with Deckard Cain, to a degree, depending how the developers implement it.
  • Holy Smite: Long-range single-target holy damage.
  • Power Word: Shield: This might work similar to Tassadar’s shield.
  • Scarlet Resurrection: So far only Auriel casts resurrect. It might likely be a Ultimate due to the cooldown. It would be awkward to have resurrect as a Basic Ability with 10 second cooldown.


However, Scarlet Monastery is not the only Scarlet Crusade building in World of Warcraft. There is another in Stratholme that has a very peculiar boss.


There are other Scarlet Crusade-style buildings in The Scarlet Enclave (formerly known as Tyr’s Hand) in the Eastern Plaguelands, New Hearthglen in the Dragonblight (Northrend), and Onslaught Harbor in Icecrown.

I am still rattled by the ornaments in the teaser’s door. This Scarlet Monastery idea is only speculation, until Blizzard reveals what the teaser is about in upcoming days.

UPDATE: Darn. Blizzard posted the hero reveal 10 minutes before I hit the publish button for my article to go live. It is High Inquisitor Whitemane. I spent nearly 2 hours gathering the images from in-game World of Warcraft. lol

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