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Gamescom 2015 : The Infernal Shrines, the new battleground!

Blizzard just released (again), a new video. This time for the new Eternal Conflict map : The Infernal Shrines. The basics of this new map are simple : By killing a certain number of ennemies that spawns through shrines it will summon a Punisher which skills will depend on the Shrine you used to summon him.

Most of the skills are renowned from the Diablo universe, and many of them are… deadly!

Blizzard announce the Eternal Conflict

This was announced during BlizzCon 2014 (with the presentation of some of the new Heroes from the Diablo universe and the concept map High Heavens against the Burning Hells), but now all of this is official. The next big update for Heroes of the Storm will be called “The Eternal Conflict”.

This new content will add most of the features previously said, but also another map currently being worked on.

The new Battleground

The Battlefield of Eternity



The Battlefield of Eternity is one of the new battleground that will be introduce with the patch, this will be a 2 lanes map with a central objective in the center. Two Immortals will appear a short time after the beginning of the game. The goal is to kill the enemy team’s Immortal while protecting yours from damage. When one of them is dead, the other one will focus its strength to one of the lanes.

This map will also replace the current mercenaries with new ones :

  • The Siege Golems : Three Khazras.
  • The Bruisers : A shaman and two Infernal Dogs that are re-summoned by the Shaman until he dies.

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