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Heroes of the Storm: Recap Road to Americas Championship in Las Vegas, NV!

The time is almost upon us for the Heroes of the Storm: Americas Championship in Las Vegas, NV!. Blizzplanet will be there live to bring you the latest from the Americas Championship! Hope to see you all there!

When: Sept 19-20th, 2015

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Who is Competing:

Event Details

Eight Teams will battle it out for a chance to win $100,000 and win a ticket to the World Championship at Blizzcon in Anaheim, CA!

How did they get here? Read below as we recap who each team is and how they fought to get to the Top 8 in the Americas!

Kharazim Quick Overview in PTR Including Gameplay Video

Monk Abilities

This is a Kharazim quick overview of his main abilities, and a preview of the Infernal Shrines battleground.

Monk Abilities

Jade Dragon Kharazim Skin

This is the new skin that is available to purchase. It looks like this will be the skin that is bundled with Kharazim when he is introduced into the live Heroes of the Storm Game.

Jade Kharazim

PTR Gameplay

This was a pretty simple gameplay versus AI. Its a quick overview of the abilities and a breakdown of what he can do. Enjoy the video as I show you just how quickly Kharazim can move in and out of a fight.

Coming Soon : Hero League and Draft Mode

With the incoming in a few hours of the end of the Heroes of the Storm’s Technical Alpha the game is going to receive some update for the release of the Beta, two of them are the Draft Mode where you can choose a hero only once before the other team is able to choose their own. The other one, the Hero League is the ranking way for players to show what they are capable of.

But it’s only two of the many updates that are coming tomorrow. So have a look below of a remind from Spyrian about them.

At BlizzCon 2014, we revealed a little bit about how ranked play will work in Heroes of the Storm. Today, we’d like to give you a more detailed look at our initial implementation for Hero League and Draft Mode, which we’ll open for testing once Closed Beta begins on January 13.

As you read through the rest of this post, please keep in mind that this is our initial implementation for Hero League and Draft Mode, and we’re looking for your help in playtesting these features thoroughly during our Closed Beta phase, and beyond. Hero League and Draft Mode are not yet complete, and we have a number of improvements in store with future updates.

Ding Dong the Artifacts are Gone

That was quick. A raucous community outcry, Blizzard developers listened, and a feature that an overwhelming majority of the player base loathed was removed. They even adjusted talent unlocks a bit, sort of as a bonus prize. (There was some vitriol about the talent gating but the focus of the ire was on the artifacts.)

The reasoning for artifacts was a bit dubious given the implementation.

Artifacts were designed to provide you with a meaningful way to spend gold, while also providing additional options to customize your heroes.


Meaningful? Customize heroes? Does a raw statistical boost do that? Does my Nova hitting 10% harder for 10% less life really show a customized hero? Were any of the artifacts meaningful beyond the compulsory obligation to pick the correct one?

Pish posh. Regardless of the motivations, artifacts have been pitched. No more artifacts. Gone gone gone.


Don’t be so sure. I suspect they’ll appear again, but it in a different form. After all, the reasoning is good – gold will eventually pile up and tweaking how Sonya behaves in a match can reflect a player’s preferred style. That’s a great idea.

So artifacts should come back but not as they were. The artifacts should reflect HotS’s central idea: player options. Instead of looking for a match and then picking your hero, you pick your hero and then find a match where you fit. Rather than leveling a suite of abilities akin to Dota2, you get options for them or entirely different talents to change what you bring to a match. Brightwing can crowd control better or call down a MULE and keep structures alive. Bribe mercs or hit harder. These are good things.

So how do artifacts fit into this idea? Talents already offer a way to change how a hero is played in a game, right? A healing Rehgar, an aggressive Rehgar. However, Rehgar is still Rehgar. If you pick Bloodlust and you don’t lose Chain Heal. And when the talents buff or alter an ability, it’s usually subtle or small. For example, an extra .75 seconds on Nova’s tazer round or 20% more distance on Falstad’s barrel roll. Not the most profound alteration.

That’s what artifacts should give: powerful alterations to your hero. Not just an extra 20% to mounted speed but, rather, trade offs. A way to demonstrate a play style, especially in a premade group. Imagine this, just as a jumping off point:

Gazlowe has an artifact that modifies his Rock-It! Turrent into a Sentry Turret. It lasts twice as long, does 1/3 of the damage but reveals stealthed units in its vision radius. He has another artifact that transforms his the turret into a weaker version of a Moonwell – no damage, same duration, 3 charges and restores 15% or so of a hero’s health and mana overtime. Obviously this means that the talent effects will need to be reworked and adjusted to properly effect the artifacts but, that’s what alpha is for. Testing, trying, playing with ideas.

I’d like to see Blizzard attempt something like this with an artifact system. Each artifact is 1,000 gold, you can only have 3 on a hero.

This idea might be too complex and the artifact system may not return, or not in this form. Regardless, the stat boosts are gone and Heroes of the Storm is once again fun, versatile, and simple.

I Don’t Want to Hear It

stitches-with-bra-feature-boxOne of the first things, it might even be the first thing come to think of it, I do when I join a Dota2 match is mute everyone on the other team. They’ve never said anything I needed to hear anyway. Any potential for humor, meaningful exchanges, friendly asides has already been destroyed by playing this game. What they’re going to say probably cruel, racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting, angry, demeaning, and pointless. So I mute them. It helps. Sometimes I mute my teammates if they’re especially vitriolic or crude but not always. They might  say something useful, organize a gank, or talk about a useful push strat.

I love that I can’t communicate with the enemy team in Heroes. Love it. I don’t want to talk to them. If I want to, I can friend them and chat that way but the freedom to scream via a keyboard at a stranger on the internet is gone, and I don’t miss it.

Robert Clotworthy to make StarCraft Announcement with Clutch on August 11

robert-clotworthy-by-sallie-deEtte-mackieOur hero Robert Clotworthy, who plays the voice of Jim Raynor in StarCraft II, posted on Facebook that he has an important StarCraft-related announcement to make this Sunday, August 11th during an interview with Joshua Gray (known as Clutch).

Look for an important StarCraft announcement from me during my live interview with Josh “Clutch” Gray on Sunday. Any guesses as to what that might be?” — said Robert Clotworthy.

Now what could this announcement be? Especially when Blizzard Entertainment has no scheduled announcements to make until GamesCom and BlizzCon?

Is it about StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void? Is it about Blizzard All-Stars which features Jim Raynor? Is it a StarCraft II novel going audiobook featuring Robert’s voice? Or something else?

What do you guys think? (plays Beethoven’s 5th, below) — source

Update: The interview will take place at the StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) America Premier League Finals – Day 2. No ETA when exactly, but the livestream begins at:

  • San Francisco – 4:00pm (PDT)
  • New York City – August 11 7:00pm (EDT)
  • Paris – Monday, August 12 1:00am (CEST)

    Yesterday’s broadcast last about 8 hours, so it’s impossible to determine at what time in specific the interview takes place other than watching the entire thing, or waiting for Blizzplanet to post the news. The interviews happen usually after a StarCraft II match ends. The livestream will be here: —

Speculation – Blizzard All-Stars Cinematic Teaser or Gameplay Demo in the Oven?


The Rumor Mill gear continues to grind and its smoking chimneys to brisk. Browsing through YouTube, I unearthed a video posted by actress Tricia Helfer the day after StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm launched (March 12). She mentioned she did some voicing for another video game, but couldn’t talk about it, and just teased. She didn’t mention if this new video game is for another studio, but considering she was talking about Blizzard’s StarCraft II — it’s open to individual interpretation. Look it up in the video at 03:15.

That reminded me, a few weeks ago I reported that actor Robert Clotworthy (Jim Raynor) had been recording at Blizzard’s voice over studio on June 12. Robert tweeted the Bourbon Cowboy was at the studio. Old-school fans know that “Bourbon Cowboy” is a nickname attached to “Chris Metzen” (Senior VP of Creative/Story Development).

A fan responded to Robert’s tweet mocking that the Legacy of the Void voice over session had been spoiled. However, Robert Clotworthy responded: “Don’t jump to conclusions.”

Legacy of the Void should be in a very early infancy considering the developers just launched Heart of the Swarm 3 months before Robert’s tweet. Too soon to start recording voice over for the single player. Tricia recorded that other game session prior to the launch of Heart of the Swarm.

With Robert asking not to jump to conclusions (It’s was not a voice over for Legacy of the Void) one has to wonder what else would Tricia and Robert be recording their voice for? If you look the Blizzard All-Stars was formerly named Blizzard DOTA. In the early logo you can clearly see the silhoutte of Kerrigan and Jim Raynor.


Either both actors recorded the cinematic teaser of Blizzard All-Stars to be shown at BlizzCon 2013 on November 8, or the Blizzard All-Stars gameplay demo required their voice overs. Of course, take all these as blatant speculation.


Rumor: Blizzard All-Stars Voice Over this week?

There was a very brief tweet by Robert Clotworthy today concerning Chris Metzen at the studio. When a fan responded the tweet with the Legacy of the Void hashtag, Robert responded to him to not jump to conclusions.


For years I have been one to discuss rumors and to put several scenarios on the table for fans to browse through to pick their favorite one in benefit of discussion.

What I personally can guess from these bits of comments is that the voice actors are recording for the Blizzard All-Stars. That’s a game where Robert Clotworthy might be called to the studio to record Jim Raynor’s voice for.

It could also be for the Blizzard All-Stars cinematic trailer if Blizzard had plans to unveil that at BlizzCon 2013 this upcoming November 8-9th.

A very remote possibility could be an appearance of Jim Raynor in StarCraft: Ghost — if that game was to be announced at BlizzCon. Remember, that game was postponed and has not been officially cancelled. Back on 2008, Rob Pardo mentioned at the D.I.C.E. Summit all the video games Blizzard Entertainment has secretly developed and cancelled. Curiously, StarCraft: Ghost was not in that list.


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