Tassadar build

Tassadar build used in HGC and other Heroes of the Storm eSports events by the top pro gamers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Tassadar build – eSports

Hosty - Superstars HGC NA - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 4 – Superstars v Tempo Storm -- Sept 10


Khala's Light

Psionic Projection



Psionic Echo

Twilight Archon
Wubby - Fnatic HGC EU - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 1 - Team expert v Fnatic -- Sept 10


Khala's Embrace

Psionic Projection

Force Wall


Psionic Echo

Force Barrier
Magi - Mighty HGC KR - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 2 – MVP Miracle v Mighty -- Sept 9


Khala's Embrace

Psionic Projection



Psionic Echo

Twilight Archon

Tassadar Features

Plasma Shield

Grant a Shield that absorbs 494 damage over 4 sec. If the target is a Hero, they heal for 40% of their Basic Attack damage done while Shielded.

Mana: 58
Cooldown: 8 sec

Psionic Storm

Deal 92 damage per sec to enemies in target area for 3 sec. Damage increases by 12% for each consecutive instance of damage, up to 60%.

Mana: 50
Cooldown: 8 sec

Dimensional Shift

Tassadar becomes invulnerable and Unrevealable for 2 sec. While shifted, he has 25% increased Movement Speed.

Mana: 75
Cooldown: 30 sec


Activate to greatly increase Tassadar's vision radius, allow him to see over obstacles, and detect stealthed units. Lasts for 5 sec.

Distortion Beam: Tassadar's Basic Attack is a beam that slows enemy units by 20%.

An Executor without equal, Tassadar has fought tirelessly to purify the Koprulu sector of the zerg infestation. Only now, after learning to wield the shadowy powers of the void, is Tassadar finally ready to face the Overmind and its all-consuming Swarm.


Tassadar fills the role of a Ranged Support in Heroes of the Storm. Among his duties in the field is to grant a temporary shield to an ally, detect nearby enemies, and manipulate the battleground for his team.

The description offered in-game sets Tassadar as Very Hard to play.

I have used Tassadar in a couple different ways. Either I stick around with other players to help them mitigate damage taken, give my allies a larger view range of where the enemy is, or I can instead focus on killing mercenaries while my team is keeping the enemy team distracted.



Tassadar is a protoss of the Templar caste who oversaw and protected the lesser races, or executed them when required or commanded to do so.

His fascination for the Terran race was absolute, even leading him to disobey extreme orders from Aldaris and the protoss conclave.

Tassadar set flame to planet Mar Sara in order to purify it from the zerg infestation.

After desobeying a direct order from the conclave, Tassadar went rogue and befriended ex-Marshal Jim Raynor and the dark templar Zeratul.

Although, the dark templar were perceived as heretics by the templars, Tassadar listened to Zeratul's side of the story, and even learned the way of the dark templar.

Using his new found hybrid philosophies of both sides of the templar, Tassadar sacrificed by concentrating all of his psionic might against the zerg Overmind.

Tassadar claimed he hasn't tasted death nor will he, meaning he has trascended the mortal realm into a mysterious psionic or ethereal state -- communicating from the beyond.

Tassadar communicated with Zeratul at the site of the Overmind's demise in planet Aiur to reveal the Overmind's master plan and warned him of impending doom with the rise of the hybrids. That Kerrigan was the Overmind's way to prevent the coming oblivion to be caused by the dark voice: Amon. (as seen in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty).

"Yes, Executor?"

"Your will."

"I have no time for games! Alright, but just one more match."

"And you thought orcs had large shoulderpads."

"I have never tasted death, and since I have no mouth, I do not expect to."

"We must call for aid! Executor, bring up the Reavers! What? What do you mean we don't have Reavers anymore? Then... send the Dragoons! (sigh) Then what do you suggest?"

"What's a Void Ray?"

"Videogames have advanced so much since Starcraft I, I can hardly even make out the pixels anymore."

"Once you go Dark Templar, you never go back"

"Thinking back, perhaps I should have purified Mar Sara."

"En Taro... Me"

"Here is my number. Khala me, baby."

Tassadar Talents

Psi-Infusion: Quest: Gain 1 Mana for every non-Structure enemy hit by Psionic Storm.

Reward: After hitting 500 enemies, increase the size of Psionic Storm by 200%.

Reward: After hitting 1000 enemies, increase the damage of Psionic Storm by 20%.
Templar's Will: Quest: Attacking enemy Heroes restores 8 mana per sec.

Reward: After spending 30 sec attacking Heroes, Distortion Beam's damage is increased by 125%.

Reward: After spending 60 sec attacking Heroes, Distortion Beam's range is increased by an additional 1.
Khaydarin Resonance: Quest: Regenation Globes grant an additional 100% Mana.

Reward: After collectiong 15 Regeneration Globes, Plasma Shield's value is increased by 20%.

Reward: After collecting 30 Regeneration Globes, Plasma Shield's value is increased by 40%.
Khala's CelerityPlasma Shield also grants 20% Movement Speed by 4 sec.
Khala's EmbraceIncrease the Life Steal of Plasma Shield to 75%.
Khala's LightUpon expiration or breaking, the target of Plasma Shield gains 15 Armor for 3 sec, causing them to take 15% less damage.
Psionic ProjectionIncreases the cast range of Plasma Shield and Psionic Storm by 40%.
ResonationDistortion Beam slows enemies affected by Psionic Storm by 50%.
Mental AcuityQuest: Each Takedown earned lowers the cooldown of Oracle by 3 sec, to a max of 15 sec.

Reward: Upon getting 5 Takedowns, the sight range of Oracle is increased by 50%.
Twilight MessiahTassadar transforms into an Archon and gains a Plasma Shield. His Basic Attacks deal 246 damage, slow the target by 30% for 1 sec and splash for 123 damage to enemies within 2.5 range. Lasts for 10 sec.

Passive Archon refreshes the cooldown of Dimensional Shift.

Cooldown: 80 seconds
Duration: 100 seconds
Force WallCreate a wall that blocks all units from moving through it for 2 sec.

Passive Increases the slow amount of Distortion Beam to 30%.

Cooldown: 25 seconds
Duration: 8 seconds
Deep ShiftDimensional Shift's duration and Movement Speed bonuses are increased by 50%.
Adun's WisdomWhile Oracle is active, Basic Abilities cooldown 50% faster.
NullificationActivate to reduce the damage the target enemy Hero deals by 75% for 4 sec.

Cooldown: 60 sec
Phase DisruptionEnemy Heroes being hit by Psionic Storm have their Physical Armor reduced by 25, causing them to take 25% more damage from Basic Attacks.
Psionic EchoA second Psionic Storm can be cast within 2 sec of casting the first. Enemies can only be affected by one Psionic Storm at a time.
Focused BeamWhile Oracle is active, Basic Attacks against Heroes deal an additional 1% of the target's max Health as damage.
Twilight ArchonBasic Attacks while in Archon form increase its duration by 2 sec.
Force BarrierForce Wall's Range is increased by 100% and its cooldown is reduced by 5 sec.
Prismatic LinkBasic Attacks bounce to hit 2 additional targets for 40%.
Shield BatteryActivate to give all nearby allied Heroes an untalented Plasma Shield.

Cooldown: 60 sec


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