Theorycrafting: Deathwing in the Nexus

As stated in my recent article, Blizzard Entertainment should scrap the Heroes 2.0 lore agenda now that a large portion of the development team has been moved to other games after announcing Heroes of the Storm has entered maintenance mode.

It is not realistic to expect a handful of developers to carry out the Heroes 2.0 agenda — designed and settled before March 2017. It was an ambitious plan, but Activision Blizzard pulled the plug.

For Heroes of the Storm to survive, the shortened Developer team should focus on the core IPs: StarCraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Warcraft, Classics, and… maybe Hearthstone. Once the new games are announced, then add those as well; and focus on new Heroes and Maps, ability rework, and life-quality enhancements.

The newest announced hero hails from the Raven Lord universe. While some fans enjoy the comics and Orphea, I’m certain the majority has bigger expectations. One of those is Deathwing.



How would Deathwing look like in the Nexus? We have already one precedent in Heroes of the Storm to mold and shape from.

Alexstrasza moves around the Nexus in her humanoid high elf form. Her draconic form is used twice through her trait (Dragonqueen) and her Ultimate (Cleansing Flame).

Therefore, it is not hard to picture Deathwing in the Nexus in his humanoid form most of the time. How do we determine Deathwing’s role? Deathwing seems better suited as a Warrior, and the fantasy depicted in Blizzard Entertainment senior artist Glen Rane’s art captures that in this image. Deathwing’s human form holds a mace weapon. His armor protects him from melee combat, making Deathwing a tanky hero… ehh, villain.

What type of abilities does Deathwing have?

Corrupted Blood: When we fought Deathwing above his back and removed his elementium plate, something peculiar was his corrupted blood took the shape of Lava Oozes. In his humanoid form, as a tank, it might make sense for him to will the spawning of Corrupted Blood to attack his enemies while he melees other players. Anub’arak does this in a sense with his scarabs. Corrupted Blood could do melee damage and have an immolation aura to thin down afflicted enemies’s health. Maybe a talent could cause this to heal Deathwing.

Earthquake: Deathwing slams his mace on the ground causing a cone area of effect that shatters the ground, stunning players caught in it.

Elementium Fortitude: Deathwing becomes immune to melee or spell damage for 2 seconds.

Trait: Worldbreaker: Deathwing switches from humanoid form into his dragon form (like Alexstrasza’s Dragonqueen trait). While in Worldbreaker form, Deathwing gains three abilities:

  • Shadowflame: draconic breath does cone area of effect damage, and damage over time afterwards.
  • Tail Sweep: Knocks back enemies hit in its path, and stuns players if they impact against a wall.
  • Shattering: Deathwing pummels the ground in a straight line causing it to shatter. After 1.5 seconds, lava pours out of the ground.


Flame Breath: The player targets the ground, and Deathwing launches into the air out of view. Similar to Arthas’ Sindragosa, except a long line of breath fire covers the ground causing damage and leaving a trail of scorched land on the ground for a few seconds — causing damage to anyone standing on it. A good area control to prevent players from walking into the scorched ground. This ability is a reference of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. If you ever went AFK, you will remember this ability is the one that killed your character whenever Deathwing flew on the area.

image by Ikas

Elementium Bolt: Deathwing hurls an elementium shard that pins a player against the ground for 3 seconds, and slows nearby enemies caught in the landing’s area of effect.

Deathwing has been desperately wanted by fans for a long time, and Blizzard hasn’t capitulated on that opportunity. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm launched on December 7, 2010.

Heroes of the Storm launched on June 2, 2015.

Alexstrasza was introduced into the Nexus on November 13, 2017.

Yet we haven’t seen Deathwing in the Nexus. Will we ever see other dragon aspects? Would you like Deathwing as a hero?

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