Some more unconventional Hero League tips

• Do not waste Regeneration Globes!: This is a big one. I often see Globes wasted as a result of a player losing focus in a fight and allowing the Globe to expire. A Regeneration Globe helps your sustain through health and mana. If you’re able to bully your lane opponent you can prevent them from safely getting a Globe, or you get some free hits on them when they attempt to grab it. Additionally, many quests rely on Globes in order to be completed. This leads me to my second point:
• If someone on your team is rotating lanes for Globes, try your best to wait until they reach your lane to get the Globe. If they complete their quest sooner, this will help you as well as they will become stronger. If at all possible, prevent the enemy team from completing a rotation for Globes.
• Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to talent selection. Take Gul’dan for instance: Many players rely on Corruption when playing Gul’dan, but if the enemy team ends up drafting Jaina and Nazeebo, you will actually benefit more from the Spell Armor gained from a Fel Flame build. Small tweaks in playstyle can make all the difference.
• Rotating is easily one of the most misunderstood aspects of this game: Because of the fluidity of laning in Heroes, you’ll often see a hero, or a group of heroes rotating in lanes. This can be extremely dangerous for a lone hero. If this ally is on your team, attempt to warn them with a danger ping. If you’re rotating as part of a group try to single out an enemy who has overextended in lane. Preferably you should be unpredictable in your rotation pattern. If you go from top to mid, and then from mid to bot, chances are each lane will retreat. However, if you can predict the movements of the enemy team you can catch them unaware and get an easy kill. When at all possible, follow safe paths, on your side of the map if you’re alone. If the enemy team is also grouped, try to keep an eye on where they are and where they’re headed. It might save your life.

As always, thanks for reading. Until next time, the Nexus calls.

Josh Bothwell

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I was the guy who asked about Zul’jin during the BlizzCon 2016 Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive panel Q&A.

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