Uther Build

Uther build used in HGC and other Heroes of the Storm eSports events by the top pro gamers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Uther build – eSports

smX - Fnatic HGC EU - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 1 - Team expert v Fnatic -- Sept 10

Silver Touch

Holy Shock

Hand of Protection

Divine Shield

Blessed Champion


WolfJoe - Playing Ducks HGC EU - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 1 - Team Liquid v Playing Ducks -- Sept 10

Wave of Light

Pursuit of Justice

Hand of Protection

Divine Shield

Well Met


Splendour - Liquid HGC EU - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 4 - Team Liquid v Playing Ducks -- Sept 10

Wave of Light

Holy Fire

Hand of Protection

Divine Shield

Well Met


Bakery - Dignitas HGC EU - Phase 2 Part 1 - Game 3 - Zealots v Team Dignitas -- Jul 8

Wave of Light

Holy Fire

Guardian of Ancient Kings

Divine Shield

Beacon of Light


Hide - Tempest HGC KR - Phase 2 Part 2 - Game 3 - Rrr v Tempest -- Sept 10

Silver Touch

Holy Shock

Hand of Protection

Divine Shield

Well Met


Bulwark of Light

Uther Features

Holy Light (Q)

Heal an ally for 395 Health. When used on a target other than Uther, also heal Uther for 198 Health.

Mana: 90
Cooldown: 12 sec.

Holy Radiance (W)

Heal all allies in a line for 192 Health, dealing 192 damage to enemies.

Mana: 70
Cooldown: 12 sec.

Hammer of Justice (E)

Deal 119 damage and stun the target for 0.75 sec.

Mana: 40
Cooldown: 8 sec.

Devotion (Trait)

Heroes healed by Uther's Basic Abilities gain 15 Armor for 2 sec. This effect does not stack with itself.

Eternal Vanguard (Trait)

Upon dying, Uther becomes an invulnerable spirit for up to 8 sec. While in spirit form, Uther can heal allies with Flash of Light.


The first paladin and founder of the Order of the Silver Hand, Uther the Lightbringer is a faithful servant of the Light. Dispensing justice with the swing of his hammer, Uther is a bastion of truth and an unflinching symbol of the Alliance.


Heals allies, stuns enemies, and returns as a Spirit to heal after dying.

Store Cost: heroes-of-the-storm-gold-icon 5,500 | $7.49

Role: Melee Support

Difficulty: Easy

These are the voice over quotes repeated by Uther the Lightbringer when the player clicks on him multiple times. Here is a transcript courtesy of Cemotucu. (Thank you)

"We are all blessed by the Light."

"The Light shine on us all."

"I'm too old for this nonsense!"

"Sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel... is a train."

"Today, I'm Uther the Painbringer!"

"What the...? What happened to that Silver Hand in the sky? Seriously, Order of the Weird Space Triangle doesn't have nearly the same ring to it."

"Back in my day, there was only one type of paladin and we were glad to have 'em."

"(Someone sneezes) Light bless you."

"Would you do that again? A little to the left this time. Ahhh... There it is."

"Let the rigtheous know peace... and the unjust know the back of my hand!"

Uther Talents

Silver TouchQuest Reduce damage from Heroic sources with Devotion.

Reward After reducing damage 40 times, Holy Light's Mana cost is reduced from 90 to 70.

Reward After reducing damage 80 times, Holy Light's Mana cost is reduced to 50, and its range is increased by 50%.
Wave of LightQuest Damage or heal Heroes 60 times with Holy Radiance.

Reward Increase the duration of Devotion by 0.5 sec.

Passive: Damaging or healing Heroes with Holy Radiance refunds 5 Mana and reduces its cooldown by 1 sec.
Hammer of the LightbringerQuest Basic Attack enemies 75 times.

Reward Basic Attacks reduce the cooldown of Hammer of Justice by 1.5 sec.

Passive: Basic Attacks restore 1.5% of Uther's max Mana.
Holy ShockHoly Light can be used on an enemy to do 50% of its healing amount as damage. When used this way, Uther receives its self-healing benefits, its cooldown is reduced by 6 sec, and it refunds 45 Mana.
Pursuit of JusticeHammer of Justice increases Uther's Movement Speed by 25% for 3 sec.
Holy FireDeal 15 damage per sec to nearby enemies. Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes increase this damage by 20% for 3 sec. This can stack up to 3 times.
Armor of FaithBeing Stunned, Rooted, or Silenced causes Holy Light's cooldown to recharge 200% faster for 6 sec.
Light's GuardianHealing a Hero that is Stunned, Rooted, or Silenced increases the Armor bonus they receive from Devotion from 15 to 50.
Hand of the ProtectorActivate to make target ally Unstoppable for 1 sec. Cannot be cast on Uther. Basic Attacks reduce Hand of Protection's cooldown by 5 sec.

Cooldown: 90 sec.
Divine ShieldMake an allied Hero Invulnerable and increase their Movement Speed by 20% for 3 sec.

Mana: 80
Cooldown: 90 sec.
Divine StormDeal 194 damage and Stun nearby enemies for 1.75 sec.

Mana: 80
Cooldown: 80 sec.
Blessed ChampionAfter using Holy Light, Basic Attacks heal nearby ally Heroes.
Well MetFor the next 5 sec after using Holy Light, Uther's Basic Attacks heal him and nearby allies for 15% of the total amount healed by Holy Light.
Spell ShieldEvery 30 sec, gain 50 Spell Armor against the next enemy Ability and subsequent Abilities for 3 sec, reducing the damage taken by 50%.

Can be toggled to allow or prevent this talent from triggering automatically.
Beacon of LightWhile below 50% Health, Uther receives 200% more self-healing when healing others with Holy Light.
Tyr's DeliveranceAllies healed by Holy Radiance receive 40% increased healing from all sources for 6 sec.
BenedictionActivate to reduce the Mana cost of Uther's next Basic Ability by 50 and its cooldown by 10 sec.

Cooldown: 60 sec
Bulwark of LightDivine Shield lasts 2 sec longer and its cooldown is reduced by 20 sec.
Divine HurricaneDivine Storm's radius is increased by 50% and its cooldown is reduced by 20 sec.
RedemptionAfter Eternal Vanguard ends, Uther revives at the spirit's location with 50% of his max Health.

This effect has a 180 sec cooldown.
Divine ProtectionApplying Devotion to a Hero that is already affected by Devotion increases their Armor by an additional 15.


Uther has been revamped in Heroes 2.0 to heal himself when he heals another player, and various of his revamped talents have Quests and Rewards. You can view his abilities and talents; and watch my gameplay video below. I was able to play as Uther in the Hanamura map.

NOTE: As Uther is still in development, some of the talents are tagged in-game as PH (Placeholder). The released product might differ from what you watch here. Level 16 and 20 talents are missing in this article.



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