Vengeance for…me? Enter Zul’jin!

The time has come for the arrival of Zul’jin, Warlord of the Amani

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With the release of Zul’jin the Nexus finally sees the introduction of its first troll hero. A highly requested addition, but was the wait worth it? Without further adieu, who is Zul’jin and why should you care?

Who is Zul’jin: The Warlord of the Amani, Zul’jin was responsible for uniting the warring tribes of Zul’Aman. His people joined the Horde during the Second War, serving reluctantly under Orgrim Doomhammer, the Orcish Warchief. It was due to intense hatred for the elves of Quel’Thalas and his desire to reclaim his land that he joined the orcs in their crusade to defeat the Alliance. Zul’jin was betrayed not once, but twice by the Horde: First when the Horde abandoned him during his siege of Quel’thalas, ultimately costing him the destruction of the elven kingdom. But further when the newly christened Blood Elves were allowed to join the Horde in his absence; during a time when they had captured and horribly tortured him, resulting in the loss of his eye and his arm. Vowing revenge, Zul’jin become a villain of sorts. Though his motivations never changed, the world changed around him and he was abandoned by his allies.

“Night Elf? Day Elf? Now you dead Elf.”

Why should I care: Zul’jin is an interesting addition to an already crowded ranged assassin meta because he brings something to the table that many ranged assassins don’t get: sustain. He has on demand health, which means he’s able to hold his own against many traditional solo laners. His skillset is most akin to Gul’dan, who is arguably the most powerful ranged assassin in the meta currently. Due to his sustain, Zul’jin can often bully enemies through his trait which allows him to sacrifice health for damage. This is what results in Zul’jin being easy to use but difficult to master. You will be required to make difficult decisions in the heat of the moment about how much health you can afford to sacrifice.

Additionally, you can often force enemies to over commit to a fight, attempting to burn you down, only to be laid out by your heroic “Taz’dingo” which provides you with temporary invulnerability. Be careful when you use Regeneration because the enemy will often try to poke you in a fight, resulting in 0 health gained. If you can safely retreat, however, you can often come back when your team needs you most – ready for more.

“The Amani never give up. We never forget. We never die. Dis is our Land. You wanna stay?  You stay here forever. We gonna bury you here…”

But is Zul’jin for me?  Initially, personally, I thought no. Zul’jin takes some getting used to. Although he’s physically tougher than many other assassins who occupy his same space, it’s easy to underestimate the amount of health you’re sacrificing, with little gain. He has two skillshots (three if you count his heroic Guillotine) and can often be “feast or famine”. However, I am really getting a kick out of him now that I’ve gotten used to the range of his abilities and had the opportunity to try a few build paths. He has come conditional talents and an amazing quest talent at level 1.

If you’re like me and you grew up playing Warcraft 2, I’m certain you’ll be satisfied with the direction they took; being so loyal to his original design. If you know him from World of Warcraft, however, you may be somewhat disappointed. He’s not really that Zul’jin. Ultimately he may not shake up the meta, but in the sustain meta that we’re currently in I think he’s a welcome addition. If your team drafts Tassadar, Medivh, Zarya, or Uther, Zul’jin might be the perfect addition to the draft, as he benefits greatly from their shields. Until next time, see you in the Nexus!

Josh Bothwell

I am a Heroes of the Storm article writer at

I was the guy who asked about Zul’jin during the BlizzCon 2016 Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive panel Q&A.

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