Yrel and Alterac Pass Battleground Coming to Heroes of the Storm

DannyPerchonok had the opportunity to join the web media event where Matt Villers, Matthew Cooper and Kaeo Milker revealed details of the upcoming hero: Yrel, and the Alterac Pass battleground.

Yrel is a melee protection paladin with crowd control and sustain abilities. Her abilities can be charged for a short period of time to increase the damage. Pressing the button once to begin charging, then press again to unleash it upon the enemy. However, Yrel moves slower while charging an ability. Only one ability can be charged at a time.

Yrel is weak against enemies with crowd control and high mobility like Tracer and Genji. In addition, when Yrel charges an ability, it can be interrupted by Stun and Silence effects.



Vindication (Q): Unleashes holy energy that heals Yrel and damages nearby enemies. Charging this ability increases its healing and damage.

Righteous Hammer (W): Deals damage in front of Yrel and knocks back. At maximum charge, enemies hit are also stunned for a short time, and knocked back farther.

Avenging Wrath (E): Leap to a target location, then damage and Slow nearby enemies. Charging this ability increases its range.

Divine Purpose (Trait): After activating Divine Purpose, Yrel's next Basic Attack is instantly cast at maximum charge. Allows Yrel to react quicly and execute powerful ability combos.



Ardent Defender (R): Prevent all incoming damage for a short time. Yrel is healed for a portion of the damage prevented.

Sacred Ground (R): Sanctify the ground around Yrel, greatly increasing her Armor until she leaves the area. (No time limit. Ends when Yrel leaves or is forced out)

Alterac Pass is a new snow-covered three-lane Battleground with brand-new mechanics. Instead of a core, the goal of the team is to defeat the opposite team's General. In this case the Generals are Drek'thar and Vanndar Stormpike. Both have a whirlwind attack to cleave minion waves. They regenerate health when out in combat, and they can move around.

When you destroy a keep, a Reaver minion spawns on your team's base instead of the traditional catapult unit. There is a difference, though. Catapults usually attack from behind. Reavers take the brunt of the fight against the General while minions attack from the back.

It is imperative to destroy all three Keeps, as each of these add +20 Armor to the general.

There is a new mechanic named Cavalry, where players must take control of the Cavalry which is held in a cage. Players channel the cage for a set timer until the cage opens wide to unleash the Cavalry. Players must fight to channel theirs, while preventing the enemy from channeling theirs. Once unleashed, three Cavalry units (one per lane) starts marching toward the enemy base destroying everything on its path. The team must push with the Cavalry, which grants an aura that boosts movement speed and damage to nearby allies.

Mountain Giants are a variant of the Golem bosses with similar abilities.


Echoes of Alterac is a new Quest Event with two sets of rewards, in the same fashion as Nexomania where the player choose one side or the other. In this case, the player pledges to the Alliance or the Horde. Each with their unique rewards: Spray, Banner, Emoji, Portrait and Gold rewards. However, be wise which side you pick. You can only choose once. Some of the opposite faction rewards might be available to forge, but not in the foreseeable future.

Step 1: Play 4 games as a Warcraft Hero. The reward is a chest that has a chance to drop one of the Warcraft heroes.

Step 2: Achieve 50 Takedowns in winning games. Portrait Reward: Ram or Wolf.

Step 3: Play 6 games with friends. Reward: Banner: Horde or Alliance crest.

Step 4: Win 8 games as a Warcraft hero. Reward: Ram or Wolf Mount.


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