2016 Heroes Rising – Winners and Replays

Heroes Rising had the presence of various known and new Heroes of the Storm esports teams clashing for the tournament prize. These are the ten teams that joined the tournament bracket:

Bob Ross Fan Club
COGnitive Gaming
King of Blades
Murloc Geniuses
oVo Gaming
Panda Global
SK Gaming
Team Blaze



Taking a look at the brackets image below — Cloud9 dominated the Winners Bracket, and Bob Ross Fan Club dominated the Losers Bracket. However for the Grand Finals (Best of 5), surprisingly, Bob Ross Fan Club won 3-2 versus Cloud9 in Round 5, and 3-0 in Round 6 — crowning themselves the victor in the Heroes Rising tournament.



Grand Finals Round 5: Videos and Talents Used

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Grand Finals Round 6: Videos and Talents Used

Heroes Rising hasn’t posted the Round 6 replays. I’ll update this page once the replays are available. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.


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