BlizzCon 2018 Heroes of the Storm Interview | Orphea

During our recent visit to BlizzCon 2018, Blizzplanet members Danny Perschonok and Handclaw interviewed the Heroes of the Storm developers: Alex Klontzas and Joe Piepiora, to discuss details of the newest hero: Orphea. We coverered questions spanning from her concept design stage to her Basic Abilities and Talents. What she is strong and weak against.

Blizzplanet interview with HeroesHearth eSports Khroen & BBJ

Blizzard Entertainment reached me to interview Khroen and BBJ (from the North American team: HeroesHearth eSports) to discuss their upcoming performance at the Heroes of the Storm HGC Western Clash tournament. BBJ plays as the healer of the team, and Khroen is the ranged assassin.

Barely a year since the HeroesHearth eSports team launched, they have become the #1 seed team and expect to perform at BlizzCon for the world championship. Khroen is known already in the eSports scene since 2015, bringing a lot of experience as an asset to his team.

The Western Clash tournament will take place through August 10-12 at 9am PDT (12pm EDT).

Their first match will be on Friday, August 10 at 1pm PDT (4pm EDT) against LEFTOVERS (a Europe team).

PAX East 2018 Heroes of the Storm Interview | Deckard Cain

PAX East 2018 introduced us to Deckard Cain as the next hero come into the Nexus. In Blizzplanet’s interview with Heroes of the Storm production director Kaeo Milker, and senior game designer Matt Villens, the developers discussed details of the new hero Deckard Cain — his basic abilities, heroic abilities, and a few of his talents. Watch the video interview after the break.

I also forwarded some of our followers and Reddit’s questions including when Deckard Cain is coming to the PTR, what to expect with the lore content coming later this month, and what the future holds. You can check out Deckard Cain’s talents in our page here.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Summit Q&A

Last week, our staff member Naka attended the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Summit in Laguna Beach (CA), where Blizzard Entertainment revealed details of its new features and the new hero Cassia.

After the presentation, both Kaeo Milker and Alan Dabiri answered questions from those who attended the event. Note: Usually, publishing recording is forbidden, sometimes there is crosstalk and interruptions, or those asking questions do so in very complex ways, so there may be some editing in this transcript. Here is a transcript of the Q&A:

Heroes of the Storm 2.0

The Professionals speak about Heroes of the Storm

How long have we all been a part of the Blizzard universe? For some of us we have been with it from it’s birth in the early 90’s and watched it blossom into the mature adult it is now. Blizzard has created multiple universes that enticed, enthralled, and captivated our hearts.

Lauralania interview Heroes of the Storm community

What is it that makes Heroes of the Storm such an Earth-shattering game in such a short amount of time? Blizzard has listened to its fans and brought the best heroes and villains from all across the realms together in a fight for supremacy.

Experienced Blizzard gamer, the gold making mage, Elvinelol said: "Heroes of the Storm is awesome for any Blizzard franchise lover! All those iconic characters from other games we all love and played!"

This statement holds true. No matter what game you have enjoyed from Blizzard Entertainment, there is something for everyone. For those who have no experience with Blizzard games it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the characters without being overwhelmed by all the different lore. With matches ranging anywhere from 10-30 minutes on average, it makes it easy to engage for all ages and audiences.

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