Blizzplanet interview with HeroesHearth eSports Khroen & BBJ

Blizzard Entertainment reached me to interview Khroen and BBJ (from the North American team: HeroesHearth eSports) to discuss their upcoming performance at the Heroes of the Storm HGC Western Clash tournament. BBJ plays as the healer of the team, and Khroen is the ranged assassin.

Barely a year since the HeroesHearth eSports team launched, they have become the #1 seed team and expect to perform at BlizzCon for the world championship. Khroen is known already in the eSports scene since 2015, bringing a lot of experience as an asset to his team.

The Western Clash tournament will take place through August 10-12 at 9am PDT (12pm EDT).

Their first match will be on Friday, August 10 at 1pm PDT (4pm EDT) against LEFTOVERS (a Europe team).

Tickets on Sale now for HGC Western Clash in LA Aug 10-12

Blizzard Entertainment’s PR Coordinator of eSports, Cassandra Reynoso, informs that tickets for the HGC Western Clash are now on sale (Get the tickets). The HGC Western Clash will take place at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, California. Doors open at 8:00am, but the event starts at 9:00am

3000 W. Alameda Ave Studio 1
Burbank, CA 91523

Set at the halfway point of Phase 2, the HGC Western Clash will pit the top four teams from North America and Europe against each other in a spectacular live showcase that will display both the style and tactics of both regions.

At the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, the double-elimination format will ensure every team has ample opportunity to grab hemispheric bragging rights for themselves and their HGC region. A $100,000 prize pool is up for grabs at the HGC Western Clash. In addition to cash and glory, the winner of the clash will earn one additional spot for its region at the HGC Finals.

The HGC Western Clash follows a double-elimination bracket format. Matches are best-of-three, except for the semifinals and finals, which are best-of-five.

Invitations to the HGC Western Clash are determined by standings in league play.

More information can be found online at


Starting a Career in the eSports Industry

Have you ever wondered about the massive army of people who work behind the scenes of the eSports industry?

The eSports industry is becoming a quickly growing source of some top-quality jobs. Perhaps your dream has always been to become a pro gamer and join one of the top teams – and who hasn’t had the fantasy of becoming the next Li Peng at one time or another?

However, if you know in reality that you’re never going to reach that level there are still ways of becoming part of the competitive video gaming world with a job in a supporting or developmental role.

It’s big business for a reason. There’s a massive army of fans hungry for live streaming of the gaming competitions that people play online. Large companies like ESPN and Redbull have been savvy enough to start sponsoring teams worldwide, as they have realised the growth potential of eSports.

Fnatic wins 2017 HGC Mid-Season Brawl Grand Finals

On June 19, Fnatic and Team Dignitas clashed to decide the victor in the 2017 HGC Mid-Season Brawl Grand Finals. Fnatic claimed victory in Sky Temple. Check out the hero build used by Fnatic during the last match (below the video embed). Download the replay here into this path:

C:\Users\YourComputerName\Documents\Heroes of the Storm\Accounts\NumbersHere\Account-numbers\Replays


Heroes of the Dorm 2017 Champions Press Conference

On Saturday, April 18th, at the University of Nevada’s Las Vegas Cox Pavilion Arena, the four best collegiate Heroes of the Storm teams clashed to win the Heroes of the Dorm National Championship and its full College Tuition grand prize. Among the teams in the Heroic Four were:


The Heroic Four Matchups started at 1pm PT with Lousiana State University (LSU) vs University of Kentucky, and University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) vs University of California Irvine (UCI).

The Grand Finals were fought between UTA and LSU, with Blizzard Entertainment crowning UTA as the Heroes of the Dorm National Champions. You can check out the brackets, and the team bios for: LSU, UCI, Kentucky, and UTA.

Our correspondent, dperschonok (Naka) attended the event in Las Vegas and brought audio of each team’s press conference, plus another press conference after the champions were crowned. Watch the video below to listen to the audio. Check also the photos and the official press release after the video.

Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Qualifiers Begin Nov 19

heroes-global-championship-logo-240x240The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Qualifiers (HGC) will begin on November 19 in Europe and November 21 in North America.

There will be six teams per region. The top two teams at each of the three qualifiers will secure spots in their respective HGC, joining Team Dignitas and Fnatic in Europe; and Denial Esports and Astral Authority in North America.

The top eight teams in each region will be contracted and guaranteed both compensation and regular competition, with League Play kicking off in January.

Registration is open. You can register at Battlefy here.

For more information about HGC 2017, visit here.


Europe Heroes Global Championship Qualifiers:

  • Qualifier #1: Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20 at 5am PT
  • Qualifier #2: Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27 at 5am PT
  • Qualifier #3: Thursday, December 1 and Friday, December 2 at 7am PT

North America Heroes Global Championship Qualifiers:

  • Qualifier #1: Monday, November 21 and Tuesday, November 22 at 5pm PT
  • Qualifier #2: Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4 at 3pm PT
  • Qualifier #3: Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11 at 3pm PT


Live Stream:


Europe: Khaldor

North America: SolidJake and JHow



2016 Heroes of the Storm Spring Global Championship

heroes-of-the-storm-spring-championship-logo-transpChampions are coming from every corner to clash in Seoul, South Korea. Watch the Heroes of the Storm Spring Global Championship livestream through Thursday, March 31 to April 2 on March 31 – April 2.

Twelve teams from China, North America, Europe, Korea, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia / New Zealand and Taiwan have advanced to participate in the tournament.

**Don’t forget to tune in on Saturday, April 2 at 7pm PDT to watch the premier of the first Tracer gameplay footage.


Livestream Schedule

Thursday, March 31: 7 p.m. PDT / 10 p.m. EDT
Friday, April 1: 7 p.m. PDT / 10 p.m. EDT
Saturday, April 2: 7 p.m. PDT / 10 p.m. EDT


Group A

  • TNL (Korea)
  • mYinsanity (Europe)
  • GIA (Taiwan)
  • Big Gods (Latin America)


Group B

  • EDward Gaming (China)
  • Team Naventic (North America)
  • Renovatio I (Southeast Asia)
  • Negative Synergy (Australia/New Zealand)


Tournament Format

  • First group stage: double elimination – eight teams battle it out in two groups of four, with four teams
    advancing to second group stage.
  • Second group stage: double elimination – the four winning teams from the first group stage challenge the
    four teams who placed highest in the China, Korea, Europe and North America regions. Four teams
    advance to playoffs.
  • Playoffs: single elimination – the four winning teams from the second group stage play to find out who
    will become the 2016 Spring Champion. Semi -finals are best-of-three with finals being a best-of-five.


Prize Pool

Total $500,000

  • 1st – $150,000
  • 2nd – $75,000
  • 3rd-4th – $50,000
  • 5th-6th – $37,500
  • 7th-8th – $25,000
  • 9th-12th -$12,500


Heroes Rising – Invited teams Part 1


esports-arena-logoIf you love eSports and you live in Santa Ana you are likely already familiar with eSports Arena. They are North America’s first dedicated eSports facility and they have already been taking the area by storm with their fantastic events. They’ve crowdfunded yet another amazing Heroes of the Storm tournament, taking place on Saturday, January 9th at 11:00 am and January 10th at 8:00 PM PST. The crowdfunded money has been put to good use, flying prominent Heroes teams out and creating a hefty prize pool to boot! They’ve raised enough to make the event absolutely free to attend for everyone. It will also be live streamed at With 5 days remaining to back the project they have already exceeded their goal and are now looking to hit stretch goals to make the event even more enjoyable, such as All-Star show matches and even an after-party!


The arena’s staff has a particular love affair with Heroes of the Storm, and this event was brought to life by Tiffany Chu, Mellina Kong and other amazing members of the community. The tournament brings in teams that were both directly invited and teams that placed in an online qualifier. It’s the first tournament of the year for many of these teams and they all want to show what they have to offer coming into this new year.


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