GamesCom 2018 Heroes of the Storm: Mephisto Gameplay Showcase Panel

Watch our GamesCom 2018 Heroes of the Storm showcase panel video where game developer Matthew Cooper brought two teams to showcase Mephisto gameplay. Thanks and props to correspondent @Handclaw for recording it on short notice for lack of livestreams. Some portions are in german and english languages.

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[Speculation] GamesCom 2018 Declare Your Allegiance

Recently, Blizzard teased a new hero and according to a fan the German BlizzHeroes Twitter leaked in the HTML code’s Image Alt the words: “teaser for Mephisto.” At least a second fan confirmed to have seen that too.

In addition, the official GamesCom 2018 Blizzard App (Android/iOS) shows a peculiar AR Guided Tour under the Heroes of the Storm icon titled “Declare Your Allegiance” – Find and scan the Heroes of the Storm wall to pick your side and swear Allegiance.


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