Draft Roles, Section 1

My name is HenshinM and I am currently ranked Platinum in HL with a 61% winrate as of Season 3. As always, a mild disclaimer: If you’re looking for advice at the highest level of play I suggest checking out content from CavalierGuest, MFPallytime, Grubby, Srey, and McIntyre. But as promised, and long overdue, here is my short guide on hero draft roles and why you might not be playing the role that suits you best.

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood roles. (The award for most misunderstood goes to Specialist by a wide margin.) If you’re currently a Ranged Assassin, Melee Assassin or Support main and you find yourself constantly frustrated by your inability to control the flow of a fight you’re probably a Warrior main at heart. As of the current meta, (which will likely see a shakeup in January) the strongest hero’s for this role are Diablo, ETC, Johanna and arguably Muradin to a lesser extent. It seems like this role is generally avoided due to the stigma surrounding it from MMORPGs and like games where a lot of pressure is put on the tank with little glory. However, my experience has shown the role of Warrior boils down to three main concepts: Knowing when to engage and disengage, body blocking and protecting the back line. The most common mistake I see from a Warrior is chasing a low health enemy out of a fight while his backline suffers. Do not make the mistake of being the Warrior who is always looking forward and never looking back! Securing a kill is important and situationally acceptable but if your backline suffers you’ve failed your job.

Play Warrior if:
• You have good map awareness
• Good engagement instincts
• Good retreat instincts
• Big picture view of fight

Melee Assassin:
Warrior actually leads me into Melee Assassin because while as a general rule you should avoid chasing as a Warrior, you’re actually rewarded for doing so as a Melee Assassin. Some pros have said this is the most difficult role in the game to play simply because of the sheer amount of mechanical skill that is awarded for playing a Melee Assassin such as Thrall, Alarak, Illidan or Kerrigan to their utmost potential. This is difficult because the expectation is that you have mastered stutter stepping, positioning, knowing when to chase or let the target go, and you have a strong sense of who you can 1v1. As a Melee Assassin you will find you’re often the only answer to a strong split pusher such as Gazlowe, Zagara or Sylvanas. They will retreat when they see you because of your sustain, poke, and gank potential. However, the mistake you often see from a Melee Assassin is confusing themselves as a Warrior (Bruiser) and staying in a fight for too long. They don’t utilize their poke or sustain, they go all in and die. Best case scenario they get a 1 for 1 (which is situationally a benefit, but often a wasted opportunity. In general if you didn’t secure a kill on their healer your team is probably at a disadvantage because you no longer have a “kill secure” hero.) Ultimately that’s what your job boils down to. Applying team fight pressure and securing a kill. You often see this mistake made by a Ranged Assassin who overextends for a kill. They don’t have the tools to escape, they force the tank to drop everything to save them, and the fight tilts in the enemy team’s favor. Always look for opportunities as a Melee Assassin to secure a kill, chip the enemy team’s hp, and support the Warrior by off tanking if necessary.

Play Melee Assassin if:
• You have strong micro play
• You have good 1v1 instincts
• You have strong map awareness
• You have good positioning

Ranged Assassin:
On to a massive favorite, but widely misunderstood role. The reason being the Ranged Assassin could actually be separated into multiple sub roles. For the sake of simplicity, you have either “Chip Damage” dealers who are most comfortable from range and are not intended as kill securers (Kael’thas, Jaina (to a lesser extent) Chromie and Gul’dan) and “Chasers” (Lunara, Valla, Tychus (to a lesser extent) and Tracer) who are better suited towards securing a kill. In general, as the Ranged Assassin, you have to focus the most on your positioning because you will likely have the largest target on your back if you’re doing your job right. If you overextend for a kill and you get dived and you die, don’t blame the Warrior. It’s because you were too greedy. Unless you can safely kill your target, allow the Melee Assassin to chase down the kill and continue to put pressure on the enemy team by doing damage from range. This will often win you a fight because the enemy team is down an ally anyway since they had to back. Also, if you get in trouble, the mistake I often see made by Ranged Assassins is forcing their tank from the fight as they try to catch up to you to protect you from the Illidan you won’t escape. If you have no more options for CCing Illidan, as our example, run towards your team and hope they have the instinct to save you unless you can safely get behind your gate.

Play Ranged Assassin if:
• You can keep a cool head. (You will be focused)
• You have good positioning
• You can punish bad positioning

Alright guys, that’s it for now! My next guide Section 2 will focus on Support and Specialist and should be uploaded soon. As always, thanks for reading and I hope this guide proves helpful to you. Good luck in your Hero League climb. I’ll see you in the Nexus!

To those recently converted, those who are on the fence, and the “Never HotS” crowd:


Hello all, and welcome to my first guide. I’m going to be talking to you about what brought me to HotS as a former LoL player and why I’ve stuck with this game after a year of playing in spite of my experience with a few other MOBAs. I’m currently ranked Platinum in Hero League.

I have over 2500 games played and a 67% winrate in Hero League this season. I can’t give you advice at the highest level of play (For that I recommend my unofficial mentors Srey, Grubby, MFPallytime, McIntyre, and CavalierGuest) but I do want to touch on a lot of the basic concepts that may seem “Duh” at first but which some of us still struggle with due to bad habits and misconceptions about how the game works.

Pre-purchase Legacy of the Void and play Artanis one week prior its release!


Pre purchase Artanis

A few months ago, Blizzard announced that one of the new hero for Heroes of the Storm will be the Protoss Arnatis. His arrival is supposed to be timed with the released of Starcraft II last expansion, Legacy of the Void.

If you pre-order Legacy of the Void on the offical website, you’ll be able to play the new tank one week before its release on October 27th.

The Professionals speak about Heroes of the Storm

How long have we all been a part of the Blizzard universe? For some of us we have been with it from it’s birth in the early 90’s and watched it blossom into the mature adult it is now. Blizzard has created multiple universes that enticed, enthralled, and captivated our hearts.

Lauralania interview Heroes of the Storm community

What is it that makes Heroes of the Storm such an Earth-shattering game in such a short amount of time? Blizzard has listened to its fans and brought the best heroes and villains from all across the realms together in a fight for supremacy.

Experienced Blizzard gamer, the gold making mage, Elvinelol said: "Heroes of the Storm is awesome for any Blizzard franchise lover! All those iconic characters from other games we all love and played!"

This statement holds true. No matter what game you have enjoyed from Blizzard Entertainment, there is something for everyone. For those who have no experience with Blizzard games it’s a great way to introduce yourself to the characters without being overwhelmed by all the different lore. With matches ranging anywhere from 10-30 minutes on average, it makes it easy to engage for all ages and audiences.

[From the Bullpen] How 2 shamans can co-exist in Heroes?

Since its first appearance in Warcraft III, Thrall has become the most notorious character in the Warcraft universe (and I’m still convinced that it’s because of Chris Metzen voices). So adding this legendary character in Heroes of the Storm is quite a challenge since another shaman was added a few months back in the game, Rehgar.

It’s with John Hodgson’s blog that we can know how it was possible for the two of them to be added ingame without seeing too much similarity between them.

There are two basic kinds of design flow, which many designers call “top-down” and “bottom-up” design. The terms mean roughly different things between designers at different studios, or even between designers on the same team! For the Heroes of the Storm design team, “top-down” design means a design that is derived from a fantasy we want to capture, and a “bottom-up” design is a design that comes from a particular mechanic we’d like to exercise. Think of the “top” as being the “high concept” (in a Platonic sense) or “feel”, and the “bottom” as being the practice of play. I think any game requires a measure of both top-down and bottom-up styles, and we certainly use both in Hero design. To actually explain what I mean, take the subjects of this blog: Rehgar and Thrall, two Heroes who, while similar in many ways conceptually, underwent radically different design processes.

Coming Soon : Hero League and Draft Mode

With the incoming in a few hours of the end of the Heroes of the Storm’s Technical Alpha the game is going to receive some update for the release of the Beta, two of them are the Draft Mode where you can choose a hero only once before the other team is able to choose their own. The other one, the Hero League is the ranking way for players to show what they are capable of.

But it’s only two of the many updates that are coming tomorrow. So have a look below of a remind from Spyrian about them.

At BlizzCon 2014, we revealed a little bit about how ranked play will work in Heroes of the Storm. Today, we’d like to give you a more detailed look at our initial implementation for Hero League and Draft Mode, which we’ll open for testing once Closed Beta begins on January 13.

As you read through the rest of this post, please keep in mind that this is our initial implementation for Hero League and Draft Mode, and we’re looking for your help in playtesting these features thoroughly during our Closed Beta phase, and beyond. Hero League and Draft Mode are not yet complete, and we have a number of improvements in store with future updates.

Blizzplanet Takes a Spin with the Heroes of the Storm 7-Day Stimpack

There has been a few discussions around the community about the Stimpack. I won’t take a side on the controversy. I purchased the 7-Day Stimpack for a hands-on experience to share my findings with you.

First, the 7-Day Stimpack lasts 7 real days, and not time played. For time played I mean– you play 4 hours today. Three days later you play 4 hours. A week later you play 5 hours. That’s a total of 13 hours played, but that’s not what counts, it is the 7 days of this week.

Coming Soon: Custom Games, Observer Mode and Replays

The incoming patch of the Alpha will bring huge expected features that other Blizzard games would kill to have (*Wave at Hearthstone*), this one will add the possibility to watch directly or replay matchs that you play in the past, you can read more on the Blizzard’s article just below!

The Calm Before the Storm has nearly passed, and the return of the Technical Alpha will offer a very early look at a few features for Heroes of the Storm that we’re sure some of you will be excited to try out. Today, we’d like to introduce you to our initial implementation for Custom Games, Observer mode, and Replays.

While you read through today’s information, kindly keep in mind that these features are not yet final. Development work is still ongoing, and we’ll roll out additional polish and improvements with future game updates. Now, let’s get started!


In Development : Master Skins

With the last phase of the Alpha on it’s way, Blizzard is adding new skins for current Heroes. Some of them were missing a Master Skin, but this issue is solved, bow before the awesomeness Nazeebo, Gazlowe, Sgt. Hammer, Chen, and Murky!

A few months ago, we shared a sneak peek at a new series of hero skins we’re currently developing, and throughout the coming weeks we will be sharing videos of some of these Master Skins, which represent a further exciting evolution of each hero’s base skins! You can find out more details about how to obtain them in our Progression System and Reward Changes blog.

Throughout the coming weeks you can feast your eyes on a series of videos which showcase the current state of some of these exciting new skins!

Today we’re sharing a first look at the upcoming Master Skins for Nazeebo, Gazlowe, Sgt. Hammer, Chen, and Murky!


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