Heroes of the Storm Dev Q&A Part 5 – Murky (Transcript)

Kevin Johnson and the Heroes of the Storm developers got together to discuss details of Murky, the new Hero to be introduced in a few days. There will be some drastic changes to the User Experience UI. We get to see a sneak peek on those changes. (transcript will be up in a few days) — follow us on Twitter and Facebook for an update.

Check out the full transcript below.

Heroes of the Storm – Dev Q&A Part 4 Transcript

I have added the transcript of the Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 4 which took place on March 19, 2014. Hope you have fun finding out details straight from the developers: Dustin Browder, Matt Cooper and Richard Khoo.


Tychus: I was told this suit would be my prison. Suits me just fine. I have been called a lot of things, a renegade. An outlaw. Guilty as charged. Makes life exciting. You never know who or — err what — will be on your side. So when the Nexus team called it, there was only one thing to say: “Hell, it’s about time!”

Kevin: What is up guys? My name is Kevin Johnson, and we are here at Blizzard Entertainment for our fourth live Dev Q&A. What you just saw was the Tychus trailer from our #TychusWeek focus last week. Welcome to Blizzard. We are very excited for our fourth show with you today. We are going to be talking about the talent system in Heroes of the Storm. Where it came from, where it is now and possibly where it is headed in the future.

Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 3 (Feb 20, 2014) – Transcript

On February 20, 2014, Senior Art Director Sam Didier, Senior Artist Phill Gonzales, and Senior Community Manager Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson sat down to discuss the art direction of Heroes of the Storm and responded questions submitted by fans from Twitter.


Dev Q&A Part 3 – Transcript

Kevin: What is up, guys? We are back for live Dev Q&A # 3. How is that for consistency? Right? Look at that. Three times. Three Months. We are going to keep it up too. Welcome. We are excited that you are here with us. I just want to get a few things on the table here before we jump into the show.

A couple of quick things we are allowing you to vote on our battleground again for the gameplay session that is happening at the end of the show.

So jump over to Twitter. @BlizzHeroes. We are posting a link there. So if you would like to vote, take a shot there. I don’t know if we can show the results. Some people have voted in the social media. It seems Dragon Shire is way in the lead, and that’s probably because we haven’t showed much. Go there and put your vote in.


Heroes of the Storm Developer Q&A Part 2 (Jan 22, 2014) – Transcript

This is a full transcript of the recent Heroes of the Storm Q&A Part 2 held at Blizzard Entertainment by community manager Kevin “Cloaken” Johnson where he interviewed Dustin Browder and Kaeo Milken. Enjoy!

Kevin: What is up guys? Welcome back to our second live developer Q&A here at Blizzard Entertainment. My name is Kevin. We are excited to be back with you. Happy new year … because it is January, and the last time we were with you … was December.


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